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The art piece Philosophy reciting dog was my contribution to Project 12 nights (organised by Jana Winderen). Project 12 nights was a part of the international jazz festival Night jazz -96. (An annual 12 night’s long jazz event in Bergen).
The sculpture was placed in the entrance of the festival space like it was waiting for its owner, in between an interval of a couple of minutes it started to bark and then, recites Hegel and Wittgenstein from its butt, (containing a hidden speaker).
The surprised visitors responded in different ways, mostly with a little shocking laugh, some were curious as to the sources of the sound, and unconsciously behaving like a dog, placing their head to its butt.
A couple of visitors also thought the sculpture was a real stuffed dog, and got angry.
The piece might be understood in many different ways and have many levels.
As an analogy about the contrast between Nature and Culture.
The philosophical fragments was taken out of its context and became poetic, and made new meaning.
Or perhaps a personal ironic comment about the 'be smart attitude' on the art scene in -96.
The art piece is made of material from coats bought at flee markets, and the skeleton welded by iron, glue, excelsior and clay.

Philosophy reciting dog